If you have immigrated to Australia and wuld love to bring your parents to Australia so that you can be near to them, then you want an Australian visa for parents.

Parent Visas:

What You Need to Qualify to Sponsor Your Parents?

  • You must be an Australian citizen ‘settled’ permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen in order to sponsor your parents.
  • Your parents must pass the balance of family test, which means at lease half of your siblings are living in Australia, as a Permanent Resident or Citizen, or more siblings are living in Australia than any other single Country.

Applying from Within Australia:

  • The Visa applicant – your parent, must be over 65 years of age.
  • The Visa applicant can apply from another visa, such as a visitor visa, so long as there is not an 8503 restriction on that visa.
  • Once onshore with the applicant’s parent visa lodged, the applicant is entitled to a bridging visa, which keeps your parent in Australia lawfully for the remainder of time it takes to assess the parent visa application.

Parent Visa Costs:

Parent visas incur Australian Government fees that change at frequent intervals. Please call our offices on 0452 473 808 to learn what current costs can be expected for parent visas.
The processing time for a parent visa is approximately 18 months.