Labour Agreements – you have choices!

10/24/2017 12:34:57 AM

As The Australian Migration Scheme goes through the latest raft of changes, the opportunity to access an ‘on-hire’ Labour Agreement provides prospective visa holders with another option when considering how to obtain sponsorship.

Recent changes have seen a range of occupations removed from the Medium- to Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), meaning 482 visa holders in these occupations can no longer access permanent residency options available prior to 18th April 2017.

Direct Sponsorship

Remaining options include Direct Entry 186, however, even this visa will not be available for occupations such as Recruitment Consultants or Café / Restaurant Managers after February 28th 2018.

Third Party Sponsorship

The option of sponsorship by a third party (commonly known as a Labour Agreement Provider) is still available to those applicants wishing to access a two year Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) visa (as they’ll be known after March 1st 2018). Many labour agreements were negotiated with the Department of Immigration prior to 18th April 2017 and, significantly, previous conditions of the 482 visa programme remain until these agreements run out. Such agreements are generally negotiated for three years, serving as an alternative for businesses unable or unwilling to become Standard Business Sponsors.

Which Provider?

How do you know which Labour Agreement Provider to trust your visa to? This is where market information is difficult to obtain and assess, and that’s because there are relatively few Labour Agreement Providers who are approved by the Department of Immigration. As with all markets, the dominant players will assure you that they are the best. Independently hunting around for required information may take too much of your time and effort.
This is where Hemisphere Migration can help you!

Independent expert advice

Hemisphere Migration are independent of all Labour Agreement Providers, but are one of the few Migration Agents in Australia who have negotiated and implemented such agreements on behalf of many approved Labour Agreement Providers in the past.

We can help you understand who the best Labour Agreement Providers are for your talent resourcing situation:
* What is the service capability of the provider
* What are the current market terms available
* Do I have payment options
* Are all Sponsorship Obligations being followed (Labour Agreement Providers are Sponsors)
* What are my chances of Permanent Residency

Not only do you have a choice of being sponsored by your employer or a Labour Agreement Provider, you can now choose between Labour Agreement Providers.

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